Zhuoyue Innovation (Shenzhen) Industrial Co., Ltd: is a diversified company in the IC industry. Mainly focusing on the operation of electronic components and peripheral products, relying on the perfect sales network with North America, Europe, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other regions, the agency, distribution of domestic and foreign brands of electronic components and providing high-quality supporting services, including military-grade, industrial Class, unpopular and a series of civilian IC, module, two or three tubes, LED. With the rapid development of electronic products and the increasingly fierce market competition.

In order to maintain the changes and development of the world electronics industry, our company fully adopts computer network management, connects with the electronic component databases of major companies in the world, communicates closely, adopts computer network management, and cooperates with some major domestic and foreign agents and inventory distribution. The company has established a close cooperative relationship, which provides a strong guarantee for the company's long-term supply of goods and product updates!

Unobstructed channel for supply source
We adhere to the principle of honesty, quality and service first, to ensure product quality, timely and fast delivery, and provide customers with IC products. The sales network covers the whole country and faces global markets such as Europe and the United States, which can easily achieve timely delivery both domestically and overseas.
Quality assurance, original authentic
All Zhuoyue components are from the original factory or agent Regular channel procurement, to ensure the original authentic!

Self-operated inventory, 24 hours delivery
Using modern warehouse management and network technology, all goods are sold in stock, 4 hours lightning delivery!

Global Supply Chain
Enables us to resolve all shortages of customers .all goods are sold in stock,experienced technical staff! efficient BOM materials offer and professional technical support.

Unobstructed channel for supply source
The company's main brands: MARVELL, Ralink, TI, MAXIM, FSC, ALTERA, STC, AD, SAMSUNG, HY, IR, ISSI, NEC, specializing in Marvell's full range of communication ICs, 88W series, 88PW series, 88PG series, 88MG series, 88PM series, 88E series, 98DX series, 88F series, WIFI module, mobile communication IC, memory, security series, network switching IC, LED driver and a series of brand inventory and futures orders.